Jose Torres has more than 25-years of experience in the computer, technology, and legal fields. Prior to co-founding Strategic Litigation Partners, Jose served as President/CIO of a large litigation support company. He also founded PC Solutions, a technology consulting firm, and co-founded Cad Technologies, an engineering service company. For the last 10 years, his concentration has been solutions and technology integration for the legal industry. He is the creator and developer of SLP's proprietary software, K-Docs, and has developed applications which have been used to manage some of the largest mass tort litigations on record. "Our clients don't have much to think or analyze when making their decision when it comes to dealing with the important call, sale, and life-changing opportunity trusting us we will handle and manage it on a high-end level 24/7. I brave myself to say, we are always on their mind. We help our clients feel identified with their group. Clients prefer us because they seek to be in contact with people who think like them and have the same level of efficiency and professionalism as themselves.


A Natural Leader, Dennis gets the very best from every Employee at Invercall. He has over 20 years of Call Center and Management experience and his telephone experience is second to none. His training techniques and protocols ensure Invercall’s agents are always at their best.  Dennis was personally involved in building multiple companies from the ground up. Hiring and training hundreds of staff in support and sales. He is a hands on leader who is constantly trying to exceed the clients expectations.  Dennis is known for relationship skills with clients, always offering full transparency and always being available has made Dennis a trusted name in the Call Center world.   “I never, ever “duck” a phone call.  I make sure I am always available to my clients so they feel at ease with Invercall being their trusted partner and sometimes the first line of defense for their customers.  We value our clients customers as they are our own.  In my opinion that is the only true way to provide quality service”


Donna has served as Project Manager for all aspects of large mass tort projects, including protocol development, record retrieval, legal nurse consulting, document management, vendor management, and technological integration. She is known for her management experience in all aspects of large volume projects. "Our clients look for products that make things easier, either in terms of time savings or increasing the cost-effectiveness. If you are thinking of outsourcing the services of your company, hire us on any stage of your business process."

PETER VAN KRUIJSSEN Campaigns Developer

"At Invercall we work side by side with our clients from the moment they contract with us so that as long as you obtain benefits, we will consider that our work is well done. Have you left any doubt unresolved? Advantages of contracting your recruitment, management, sales, contact, and promotion services in Invercall is one of the decisions that every company should take on its way to the top. Trust Invercall to increase your profits and get the most out of the investment you allocate to your outbound, blending and inbound campaigns. It is essential that the person receiving the call be aware of who contacts him. In this way, your brand will be transmitted in a massive way to a public potentially interested in your products or services. This will increase your reputation within the niche of the market in which your business is framed.


"To make sure my clients are satisfied and receiving services and support above and beyond their expectations. We are a full cycle full service 24/7 365 days a year. Invercall agents meet the demands of any customer, managing their customer support level, solve their problems during the schedule established for this purpose, every day of the year. This guarantees that customers who already trust in the services and products offered by my company will never feel unprotected or unattended in this type of situation. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a customer acquisition, contact, and loyalty service that is profitable for any niche market. At Invercall we are able to offer profitability for any customer that translates into greater benefits in your balance sheet"

KELWIN CORTES Support Supervisor

"During my time at SLP Legal, I've grown as a human being and as a professional. It has been very challenging and fulfilling at the same time. Every day, I am able to learn new and useful information. During my day, I come across different obstacles, which motivate me to keep challenging myself and reach my goals. I couldn't have asked for a better company to work with. The environment is great, open minded and my coworkers are driven as well as professional. This healthy environment makes me want to come back every day and be better as an individual. I´ve also learned new skills such as being organized and managing my time. "Find work you love and you will never work a day in your life" well I think I've found it. "